Our activities: Charcoal Haemoperfusion

The charcoal haemoperfusion treatment is an extracorporeal detoxification procedure, whereby the blood is circulated for several hours through a cellulose-coated activated charcoal capsule with the help of an arteriovenous or venovenous shunt and a blood pump ensuring the necessary volumic flow of the blood. The toxins - provided their plasma protein binding is less than 50% or have an affinity to carbon - are bonded to the surface of the capsule, thereby being removed from the bloodstream. Materials of 50% plasma protein binding may be treated with carbon capsules or plasmapheresis with equal results as the discharge rate is practically identical for both procedures; the carbon capsule treatment may however be more competitive. The carbon capsule treatment is recommended for severe cases of venenation which may not be influenced by conservative antidote treatment. Its indication and initiation does not necessitate the suspension of the conservative therapy.

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