Our activities:

Extracorporeal therapies:
  Dialysis: a procedure substituting the kidneys, carrying out the kidneys' function of detoxification.
  Haemoperfusion: a detoxification procedure whereby the patient's blood is pumped through a device outside the patient's body over activated carbon acting as an adsorbent.
  Plasmapheresis: a procedure whereby the patient's blood plasma is replaced.
  Procedure to treat hepatic failure - Molecular Adsorbents Recirculating System (MARS) (pdf)
Cronical patient treatment:
  Kidney patient recreation: For patients who require regular haemodialysis, the treatment and accommodation is available at the camping of Diosjeno along with other recreational and educational facilities.
Patient transportation:
  Patient taxi
Mobile guard:
  Mobile Guard: We undertake health inspection and supervision of organised events.  

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