Guest dialysis for patients with chronic renal failure:

The quality of the lives of patients who require regular haemodialysis is negatively influenced by a number of factors beside the basic problem (side effects of medicines, problems concerning regular transportation, maintaining the prescribed diet and its consequences, financial issues, etc). The regular visits to the dialysis station and the monotonicity of doing so, keeping contact with the treatment personnel and the occasional difficulties that inevitably occur - the feeling of being exposed in lack of the possibility of collective assertion of standpoints may lead to conflicts. Some means of variety is therefore necessary, something to break the monotonicity enforced onto the patients by the state of their health. For patients who require regular haemodialysis, the treatment and accommodation is available at the camping of Diósjenö, a small, friendly and quiet village, located 60 km north of Budapest, at the foot of the Börzsöny hills by the Lókos and Jenö creeks. More information is available regarding accommodation at Feel free to contact us if you are interested!

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